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Help Bring This Seat is Free to the Stage

An Anti-Bullying Video That Will Change the World

This Seat is Free Trailer

This Seat is Free Video Project

Donate To Help Stop Bullying at School

When a child is bullied in school, they are often traumatized for life. Our goal is to change the culture of bullying and exclusion that exists in many schools.  We are attempting to create a full-length video that can be distributed to schools around the world via the Stand-Up, Speak-Out Music and Film program.

I wrote This Seat is Free because I have recently heard a number of heartbreaking stories about teens in the area being bullied at school. I remembered that several parents contacted me after my son's death and explained that he had a habit of offering the "awkward" kids a seat.

Obviously, it was bittersweet news -- but I was grateful to receive it.  Ethan was a better kid than me.  He showed me that we can all do better.

If you'd like to hear the whole song, This Seat is Free is now streaming on most music channels including Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.  It was a thrill to get back into the studio and try to reach a new audience via my music.

I wanted to thank Jill Nesi whose passion for helping kids via the Stand-Up, Speak Out Musical Film Series is unsurpassed.  Jill is an Emmy nominated producer and talented composer. Her organization produced an award-winning film about our song, Ethan Song's tragic death.

Stand Up, Speak Out is a company rooted in creating awareness through the arts with social-emotional skills-building to help school students lead in a more connected and empathetic world

We hope that you will like and follow as you view the Trailer.  Use the Contact form on this site if you'd like to get more involved.  Any donation, in any amount, is greatly appreciated.

Love to all,

Mike Song, Ethan's Dad