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CT Statewide Gun Buyback & Save Giveaway

Dates: 2021-10-16 through 2021-10-16

Hours: 10 AM - 2PM ET

Location: Town Police Department

City: Guilford, Hartford, Newtown, Waterbury, Norwalk

Gun Buyback and Gun Safe Giveaway Day      10/16  10 AM – 2PM ET


If you, or someone you know has an unwanted, or unsecured weapon, then we have great news!  You can exchange unwanted guns for gift cards at the first annual CT Gun Buyback and Gun Safe Giveaway!

  • Unsecured guns injure or kill 8 children a day
  • The statistics below were compiled by CT Against Gun Violence.
  • Please visit their site for more info.


  • Guns are the second leading cause of death among children and teens. Black children and teens are 15 times more likely than white children and teens to die by gun homicide. 14
  • Although guns are used in only 6 percent of suicide attempts, because they are more lethal (resulting in death 85 percent of the time), gun suicides account for more deaths than all other means of suicide combined.15
  • A domestic abuser with access to a firearm makes it 5x more likely the woman will be killed.
  • The rate of gun deaths is 7 times higher in states with the highest levels of gun ownership compared to states, like Connecticut, with the lowest rates.17
  • Using a gun for self-defense is no more effective than other measures, such as calling 9-1-1 for help.18
  • States with weak concealed carry permit requirements have higher rates of violent crime. Loosening restrictions on carrying concealed weapons in public increases violent crime by 13% to 15% over the following ten years.19