Keep Kids Safe Mission

The mission of the Ethan Miller Song Foundation is to develop and support programs and causes that keep kids safe, rescue neglected animals and honor our veterans - all things close to Ethan’s heart.

Gun Safety and Advocacy

We develop educational materials and support causes that teach children and teens about the responsible use of weapons.  We are focused on common sense ideas that make the world a safer place. We want every gun to be safely stored based on global guidelines. We also sponsor gun buyback and gun safe giveaway programs. 

Substance Abuse

We support causes that teach kids about the dangers of opioid abuse.  


Texting and Driving
We support causes that teach teens about the danger of texting, drinking, or simply being distracted while driving. 


Say Something Anonymous App

We encourage every community to adopt the Sandy Hook Say Something Anonymous App.  Click here for more info.



About Ethan Song

Ethan Song loved to ski, hike, and play Spikeball.  He loved his 10 cousins and would play card games with them for hours.


Ethan assisted his mom in finding homes for almost 100 abandoned puppies.  He loved Lacrosse and even made the All-Star team one season.  Ethan loved food and would try almost anything.  Ethan and his dad Mike set out to find the best lobster roll in New England.  They sampled over 15 locations. 

Ethan was extremely interested in his family history. He tried to learn everything he could about his grandmother's experience as a Holocaust survivor.  Ethan even diverted a family trip to the UK to see the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands.  He also was fascinated by his grandfather's experience as a decorated intelligence officer in the Korean War.  

Ethan Song died in the home of a neighbor whose father had not secured his guns. Contrary to many public reports, handguns were often not secured or locked up in this home. A rifle was frequently stored in the front hall closet.  According to police reports, kids pulled the trigger of the rifle on at least one occasion. Young people were able to access weapons for months, even when a parent was in the home.  On at least one occasion, Ethan was secretly taught to shoot by the parent. 

Ethan's life was full of laughter, travel, joy, and adventures.  Although his life was tragically cut short, he lived with passion and experienced many wonderful things.  

The Song family honors his life through actions that help keep kids safe.  Ethan's Law will help ensure that dangerous arms are safely secured out of the reach of children and dangerous people. 



About Ethan Song