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SongStrong Sanctuary

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Raising Money for Equine Therapy

SongStrong Sanctuary Brick Campaign

A Safe Place to Heal

Welcome!  At SongStrong Sanctuary, we save abandoned animals and connect them with folks who need help.  Ethan loved animals and fostered over 100 abandoned puppies.  Our equine therapy program provides a safe place for troubled teens, veterans, and basically, anyone with a behavioral health challenge such as depression or PTSD to heal.

We need your help to grow our equine therapy program at the Sanctuary! Click below to buy a custom-worded brick that will be featured in our SongStrong Sanctuary Walk of Fame.  We plan to begin creating the SongStrong Walk of Fame in the Spring of 2022.

With love,

Mike, Kristin, Emily, Evan, and Ethan Song


What is the Sanctuary?

The SongStrong Sanctuary is a farm where we shelter and rehabilitate injured animals. We hold an annual event where participants get to work on the farm, help the animals and have fun! View our photo gallery below to see what kinds of things fo on there and sign up for our newsletter to get notified of upcoming events.

Photo Gallery